Get Grandpa to pop over for a surprise visit

Our children’s grandparents don’t live close by and perhaps pop down once every couple of months or so. So imagine the sheer joy and excitement of a surprise visit from Grandpa or equally a family friend or godparent. Today we had just that, a surprise visit from the ‘prickly-chinned Grandpa’ passing by on a business trip who stopped in for a play. It was ‘wall to wall’ joy and the children were so delighted to see him. It was really special. Their little faces when they saw him at the window. Bless em. Out came their drawings, books, puzzles, dressing up outfits, show ideas. They reveled in the attention and entertained themselves and him for over an hour. What fun and then it was time to go.  What a perfect interlude. Thanks Grandpa. Come and surprise us again soon. xxx


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