Unpack the shopping

This is the slowest of the slow but my two never seem to tire of it – YES – unpacking the shopping!! Whether I’ve done a shop on-line and had it delivered or been shopping and unpacked the boot myself, my two little helpers are always ‘on it’ straight away, rushing back and forward from the front door with their shopping in tow. They love transferring their items through to the kitchen on their trikes but more recently they have started to use little pretend shopping trolleys aka their play chairs piled high with goods!! It’s very cute and they are so helpful. We have had a couple of ‘incidents’ though, namely the egg incident (let’s not go there!!!) and the carton of single cream incident (arghhhh) but apart from that it’s been very smooth running. They’ve even started to differentiate between the different types of products I buy, putting toiletries on the stairs to go up, daddy’s beer behind the kitchen door (!!!), the cold things by the fridge and the tins and cans on the work surface near to where they live. It’s great. The children are so involved, busy telling me and each other what they’ve got and what they’re bringing through. Joy! Oh joy!


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