Write a letter

In this crazy fast paced world we live in, writing letters hardly features at all anymore. It’s lovely then, to find an opportunity to sit with my little writer every once and a while and write some proper hand written examples. There is something really special about putting letters into the post box and then thinking how the person on the receiving end will feel when they have their letter delivered by the postman. It’s great fun to be part of, being on the sending or receiving end. There are a couple of great letter writing opportunities at this time of the year to be sure, namely the letter to Santa and in a few weeks time all the thank you letters that will follow on . My daughter’s most recent letter was a little hand written note that went into our ‘Operation Christmas child’ shoebox that I blogged about last night. That was a delightful little note and my daughter took great joy in sending it.  There are all sorts of opportunities to get writing from writing to friends, to letters of congratulation, letters saying sorry, letters to family members , letters of complaint or even a letter to the Queen. Writing letters is definitely up there as a great ‘slowie’ and when it practises those ever important reading and writing skills it’s even better still. As that famous CBeebies show likes to put it, ‘get squiggling’ everyone!!!!  x


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