Have a fold-over painting sesh!

Children love to create fold-over paintings (or mirror image paintings as they’re also known), my two especially. The classic of course is the butterfly but you can also try various other bugs and beasties, dragonfly, ladybirds, beetles. Then there’s shapes, faces, feet, hands, stars, hearts, all sorts and at this time of the year Christmas trees and half snowmen go down a treat too!! Once the children grasp the concept they just run with it.  It’s ever so simple, you fold a piece of paper in half and then open it out again. You then draw your half image onto the paper and then decorate it with different coloured drops of paint. Press the two sides of paper together and unfold. Voila – a beautiful fold-over painting. With a little help and guidance your little ones will be producing the most wonderful images. Happy painting!


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