Make some New Year resolutions

Not just for adults. Oh no no no no! We spent a lovely ‘slow mo’ this afternoon thinking about our family resolutions for 2015. There was much amusement at thought of ‘eating more chocolate’ and ‘making more cake’ but when push came to shove, we all opted for quite useful resolutions  ( apart from my dear husband of course !!!!!! ) My daughter’s, to ‘brush her teeth morning and night’, my son’s,  ‘to stay in bed til the sun comes out ( on his GRO clock – something he hardly ever does so that’s going to be a challenge!), mine to make packed lunches for daddy from now on ( mainly to save us money as it seems he’s taken out shares at M&S in the last 6 months!!!) and daddy’s resolution (how cheeky), ‘to eat the sandwiches that mummy prepares for him!!!!!’ Honestly who am I working with here, I tell you !!! Was a fun ‘slow mo’ though I’ve got to admit . Have a think on yours !!!! Happy New Year everyone. Love from SMIC x


Plaster of Paris crafts

What a blast from the past when today my daughter opened a little craft set she had been given for Christmas and it was a plaster of Paris set. Awesome. The memories came flooding back of me elbow deep in the stuff during one of our my many mucky art sessions with Miss Drabble. I remember her well, as well as my mother’s face as she tried to get the sticky stuff off my school cardigan after class!!! Things have moved on a bit now though and ‘plaster of Parising’ is a much simpler and cleaner affair ! My daughter’s little set was just perfect – little fruit and flower moulds, a little set of ceramic paints, a little brush and a sachet of ready mixed plaster. If only we had been given such things when we were at that stage ! My daughter loved it and even embraced the setting and waiting times involved when ‘plastering’. Great slow mum task and perfect for crafty kids.

Ice hunting

The cold weather is upon us but my mini adventurers are still keen to get out into the garden and up the allotment . So today, ‘wrapped up to within an inch of their lives’, my two went out on a mission …… find ice ! Inspired by ‘Frozen’ (to be sure !!!) my little ‘ice hunters’ were off! My daughter was Elsa ( or it could have been Anna, she flips between the two an awful lot !!!) and my son was Kristoff! And what fun was to be found, first stop the bird bath which had a wonderful bowl of ice in it. In true Frozen style the ice hunters scooped it out and chipped and sawed away at it like Kristoff does in the film. Bless em! Various buckets and pots were also filled with the icy treasure and up at the allotment we stumbled across a seahorse shaped ice piece which caused the most excitement of all. It had formed in one of the sand pit toys and slid out in the exact shape. Oh the fun and oh the joy. A great ‘slowie’ to have on hand when Jack Frost is in town ! Try it sometime !

A visit to the old people’s home ……..

Visiting older relatives and friends is so important for children to experience. Today saw us visit my nana, (the children’s great nana) in her old people’s home. Despite being a little shy at first, my 5 year old daughter soon got used to the new surroundings and to the rather older age group around her!!! I was so proud of the way she handled it all. She said hello to the other residents, showed them one of her new Christmas presents and really enjoyed chatting with my dearest nana of 95. I do think children really need and SHOULD experience spending time with different generations. We have so much to learn from our elders and children love to hear about the olden days and distant members of the family . We were 4 generations in the same room today and conversation was flowing. Daughter, mother, grandmother and great grandmother all together in one room sharing quality time together . It felt really warm and special and as my daughter danced along to Frank Sinatra I made a mental note to keep that memory safe. A heartwarming moment that will stay with me forever x

Number bonds

Maths is fun! Oh yes it is!! We’re enjoying many a ‘slow mo’ ( ooo just invented that little wordplay there. ‘Slow mo’ as in a slow mum mo) on our number bonds. Kids start with number bonds to 10 in Reception and carry on from there – 20, 50, 100 ,1000. It’s fabulous fun to play and kids love to have questions fired at them and love firing them back. This is also a great activity for those road trips. Got another planned for tomorrow !! Night night x

Take your seats for the Christmas show!

The audience is set, Grampa is poised with his camera, the children are together with all their cousins for one afternoon only. Excitement has reached fever pitch and with lunch over the children have got down from the table and are preparing their Christmas show. How delightful – jingle bells at top volume , the 12 days of Christmas sung as the children march round the coffee table, Frozen being pelted out by all generations present. The entertainment doesn’t stop there. Later Grampa’s on his uke, the fancy dress outfits are on , the disco light is out and the dancing has begun. Slow family fun. Homemade entertainment is the best !

Slow Christmas joy

Family and food are really the only two ingredients you need for a super ‘slow’ Christmas! Although a flying fairy and a Dusty Crophopper seem to help too! Happy ‘slow’ Christmas everyone xxxxx Love SM x