Play date on a week night – no thanks!!

There seems to be a pressure to ‘do it all’, ‘have it all’, ‘be part of it all’ in adult life these days and it’s spilling over into our children’s lives now too, don’t you think? A friend of mine recently was talking about  FOMO ‘fear of missing out’ and I am convinced this desire to constantly partake is going to drive us and our children round the bend if we don’t let off’  a bit. So I’m saying ‘no’ at the moment, ‘no’ to play dates and activities after school and ‘no’ to living life at top speed.  It’s all too much for me and the kids. Are we going to miss out? I think not!  More often than not after-school play dates end in tears anyway. Stress rather than enjoyment. There’s plenty of time to organise play dates in the holidays and weekends, week nights are for relaxing. I don’t know about yours, but my two are exhausted by the time they come out of school. Children just need to come in from school and ‘chillax’ for a while, have a drink and a snack, get changed if they want, play with their siblings (v important) and also chat and process the school day and kick back a little, reflect too. Slow is good. We need to embrace it!!


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