Leap frog

Ah a delightful little game played at this time of the year on mummy’s bed and at any other time of the year in gardens, fields parks and any other outdoor space that will have us!! Our indoor leap frog basically consists of me lying on the bed with my knees up. My 3 year old then makes a short dash across the bed and swings himself over the top of my knees giggling and whooping the whole way through. It kind of doubles as ‘mummy bundling’ at this stage but the essence of the idea is definitely there! I can remember very vividly showing the kids how to master the ‘real deal’, the outdoor version this Summer just gone. We were out with a friend of mine and we got talking about games we used to play and then suddenly in the spur of the moment we decided to demonstrate how to do it to our kids. It was hilarious although we were obviously very much out of practice!!! I bent down and tucked my head in. My friend took a run up but as she went to jump she careered into the side of me knocking me to the floor. It was hilarious. The kids were laughing their heads off too. Both mummies were a little red faced,  lying in a heap crying with laughter at their attempt at recreating one of their childhood pastimes . It’s making me smile as I type. Happy days xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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