Christmas tree decorating of the slow kind

I know this might sound rather decadent, but we’ve actually gone and bought our kids their own mini Christmas tree this year. Why? Mainly because their mother’s a control freak and wants them to keep their paws off her one but also because by having their own tree the children can really take ownership of it, decorate it however they want and enjoy the fruits of their labour the whole season through. My two were so proud of going out and and picking their tree this weekend, bringing it home, erecting it, watering it and then hanging their decorations. Any visitors to the door are whisked through to the lounge and into the conservatory to view it. It is constantly being talked about and added to and is generally the highlight of this Christmas so far. They really are so proud of it and the time they spent arranging all their homemade bits and bobs on it was quite staggering. Bless em – a real ‘slowie’ success and perfect for the season x


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