Play out after dark

This is a terrific ‘slowie’ that I was introduced to at a friends at the weekend, ‘simples’ let the kids play in the garden after dark . Awesome or what!! Why have I never thought of this one?!!! Cabin fever had taken hold at my friends after 2 hours of lounge playing and scoffing and my friend announced ‘Right it’s time to go out everybody!!’ It was completely pitch black so a few torches and glow sticks later the kids were ready for the off on what we have subsequently been told was ‘THE MOST EXCITING GARDEN ADVENTURE EVER!!!’ It was brilliant. Wrapped up warm and all lovely and toasty in their coats and gloves they set out into the night. It was pure genius. How exciting to be exploring the garden by moonlight. Whoops of delight could be heard from every corner of the garden and they even decided on some ‘extreme night time trampolining’!! They are too cool!! Can’t wait to try it out here soon and thanks to our friends for hosting and entertaining so well :-)))))))


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