Let it run

This is something I have been very guilty of over the years – not letting it run!! Silly silly me!! When the kids are on a roll with their playing why change things!! If you’ve not got anywhere to be then just let it run, don’t be tempted to step in, tidy up or change the direction of things. You’ll stifle their mojo!!! If they’re having a wonderful time of it all and aren’t pulling each other’s hair out then please just go with it. If they want to play princesses for 2 hours let them, if they want to dig in soil for 45 minutes let it go and if they want to investigate the tupperware cupboard go with it!!. Who knows what stokes of genius lie ahead, what roleplaying masterpieces are round the corner .Take it from someone who has learned the hard way – DON’T CHANGE A THING!!!


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