Three legged race

Slow dad made a reappearance this evening with a cracking ‘slowie’ for my two to enjoy. Just in from work he whipped off his tie and swung it round my daughter’s ankle. My husband had decided in that moment that he would show our two how a three legged race was to be done.  It was hysterical. My ‘nearly 6ft husband’ attached by the ankle to my ‘just over 3ft daughter’. The belly laughing began and spread like wild fire. My son desperate to take part was then recruited to daddy’s other side and we then had a four legged race going on. What fun and what laughter! One person took a step forward as another tripped back. Who was going next, which side first?!! It was so funny and such simple fun. How nice to to teach them a new game like this! Well done daddy! You’re the best!


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