We played ‘elastics’ tonight. Ever heard of it? It was something I spent an obscene amount of time playing in my youth and is perfect for this time of the year as you can play it indoors whilst it’s chilly out. It only occurred to me to play it after my daughter made a super long loom band loop and started stretching it between her feet. My son stepped inside and then ‘wham bam thank you mam’ the idea was upon me. ‘Let’s play elastics’. If you’ve never played it before, the game resembles hopscotch in a way. It is typically played by two or more players. Two people face each other several feet apart, and position a piece of elastic (or a long loom band!!) around their ankles so that it is nice and tight. The third person (the jumper) stands between the two sides of the rope and must accomplish a series of increasingly difficult moves around and over the elastic. Sometimes stepping on the elastic, sometimes under and then over, sometimes jumping into the gaps. It’s v exciting and quite a challenge when the elastic moves higher!!. It’s a corker of a game but it’s only now on doing a little research that I find that it’s not just called elastics, oh no no no no!! This a global phenomenon this one, which of course I had absolutely no idea about when I was at primary school. Turns out ‘elastics’ or Chinese jump rope or Chinese ropes or jumpsies or yoki or gummitwist has been around in playgrounds for years.

Wiki knows how………………………………………


P.S.Mentioned loom bands a little earlier.  Loom bands are an exceptional ‘slowie’. If you’ve not tried them, where have you been????!!)


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