Christmas frenzy!

Christmas really isn’t a very ‘slow’ time of the year. Definitely not the run up that’s for sure! I feel like I’m Christmas ‘fire fighting’ all the time. A bit of wrapping here, a bit of wrapping there, a card here, a card there, food shopping as and when rather than planned and prepared. It’s all got a bit manic here to a point where I’m almost ignoring the kids so I can get on with my own things but my new mission from today is to keep saying to myself ‘how can I get the kids involved?’ Even if it’s just them fetching and carrying presents or holding the cellotape, or holding the ribbon as I tie a bow. It just means they’ll be involved and that makes them happy. Makes us all happy really doesn’t it, feeling like we are useful and helping out. So thank you little helpers for your assistance this evening when I was wrapping some little boxes of chocolates for your teachers . Thank you for sticking on all the stars , passing the cellotape and signing the cards. Very helpful indeed x slow mummy x

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