Hand deliver the Christmas cards

This ‘slowie’ is a great one for this time of the year and combines several of my slow mum ‘faves’ –  writing letters and cards (https://slowmumincambridge.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/write-a-letter/) going round the block (https://slowmumincambridge.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/round-the-block/) and getting out for a scoot (https://slowmumincambridge.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/theres-a-scoot-route-for-every-occasion/). As the title of the last blog implies, there’s a scoot route for every occasion and on this occasion it was for the very important job of distributing Christmas cards and my two certainly took it very seriously today!!!! What an important job to be doing with ‘slow daddy’, delivering our family’s cards and what’s more the kids were allowed to post the cards through the letter boxes themselves. EXCITING OR WHAT !!!!! (please note there are no big dogs round here but you might want to write that into your risk assessment if you decide to do similar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) It’s quite funny really because it’s just something that we hardly do any more – hand deliver a letter. In this day and age we sort of take it for granted that letters come through the door and we simply pay to have them delivered.  Hand delivering is a bit like going back to basics and my two loved it. A purposeful task, fresh air a plenty and an opportunity for the little ones to practise their handwriting once more. PERFECT! I just hope they all got to the right houses!!!!


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