Road trip

Road trips offer many an opportunity for some memorable slow mum games. Today saw us on the road for 4 and a half hours. Eek! So how did we pass the time?  Several of the obvious – singing, humming, eye spying, munching, ‘Are we nearly there-ing’ plus a sprinking of these less well-known ………………….

The A to Z Alphabet game – one person gets the right-hand side of the road, the other the left. Each player looks for letters of the alphabet that appear on signs or license plates on their side. The object of the game is to point out all the letters of the alphabet in order, from A to Z. The first person to spot the entire alphabet wins.

The Animal Name Game- one person names an animal. Then each person in order has to name another animal (no repeating!) that starts with the last letter of the previous animal named.

Twenty questions -one person secretly thinks of either an animal.The other players then take turns asking yes-or-no questions, such as “Can it fly?” or “Does it grow in the ground?” After the players have asked 20 questions, each player gets a chance to make a guess.

The Theme Song Game- one person hums the tune to a favorite TV show, and everyone else tries to name the show as fast as possible. The first person to guess correctly hums the next song.
The Memory Game – the first person says “A is for —” filling in the blank with any word beginning with the letter A, such as “apple.” The second person comes up with a word for the letter B, such as “book,” but must also repeat the “A” word: “A is for apple, B is for book.” Continue through the alphabet, each person taking several turns and reciting more and more letters and words.
Hope these help the next time you’re on the road x

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