A visit to the old people’s home ……..

Visiting older relatives and friends is so important for children to experience. Today saw us visit my nana, (the children’s great nana) in her old people’s home. Despite being a little shy at first, my 5 year old daughter soon got used to the new surroundings and to the rather older age group around her!!! I was so proud of the way she handled it all. She said hello to the other residents, showed them one of her new Christmas presents and really enjoyed chatting with my dearest nana of 95. I do think children really need and SHOULD experience spending time with different generations. We have so much to learn from our elders and children love to hear about the olden days and distant members of the family . We were 4 generations in the same room today and conversation was flowing. Daughter, mother, grandmother and great grandmother all together in one room sharing quality time together . It felt really warm and special and as my daughter danced along to Frank Sinatra I made a mental note to keep that memory safe. A heartwarming moment that will stay with me forever x


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