Ice hunting

The cold weather is upon us but my mini adventurers are still keen to get out into the garden and up the allotment . So today, ‘wrapped up to within an inch of their lives’, my two went out on a mission …… find ice ! Inspired by ‘Frozen’ (to be sure !!!) my little ‘ice hunters’ were off! My daughter was Elsa ( or it could have been Anna, she flips between the two an awful lot !!!) and my son was Kristoff! And what fun was to be found, first stop the bird bath which had a wonderful bowl of ice in it. In true Frozen style the ice hunters scooped it out and chipped and sawed away at it like Kristoff does in the film. Bless em! Various buckets and pots were also filled with the icy treasure and up at the allotment we stumbled across a seahorse shaped ice piece which caused the most excitement of all. It had formed in one of the sand pit toys and slid out in the exact shape. Oh the fun and oh the joy. A great ‘slowie’ to have on hand when Jack Frost is in town ! Try it sometime !


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