Plaster of Paris crafts

What a blast from the past when today my daughter opened a little craft set she had been given for Christmas and it was a plaster of Paris set. Awesome. The memories came flooding back of me elbow deep in the stuff during one of our my many mucky art sessions with Miss Drabble. I remember her well, as well as my mother’s face as she tried to get the sticky stuff off my school cardigan after class!!! Things have moved on a bit now though and ‘plaster of Parising’ is a much simpler and cleaner affair ! My daughter’s little set was just perfect – little fruit and flower moulds, a little set of ceramic paints, a little brush and a sachet of ready mixed plaster. If only we had been given such things when we were at that stage ! My daughter loved it and even embraced the setting and waiting times involved when ‘plastering’. Great slow mum task and perfect for crafty kids.


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