Make some New Year resolutions

Not just for adults. Oh no no no no! We spent a lovely ‘slow mo’ this afternoon thinking about our family resolutions for 2015. There was much amusement at thought of ‘eating more chocolate’ and ‘making more cake’ but when push came to shove, we all opted for quite useful resolutions  ( apart from my dear husband of course !!!!!! ) My daughter’s, to ‘brush her teeth morning and night’, my son’s,  ‘to stay in bed til the sun comes out ( on his GRO clock – something he hardly ever does so that’s going to be a challenge!), mine to make packed lunches for daddy from now on ( mainly to save us money as it seems he’s taken out shares at M&S in the last 6 months!!!) and daddy’s resolution (how cheeky), ‘to eat the sandwiches that mummy prepares for him!!!!!’ Honestly who am I working with here, I tell you !!! Was a fun ‘slow mo’ though I’ve got to admit . Have a think on yours !!!! Happy New Year everyone. Love from SMIC x


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