A spot of dressing up

A bit of dressing up is always fun but getting to dress up like mummy and daddy is just beyond exciting it seems! My two had the time of their lives this afternoon when ‘slow daddy’ had a sort though his wardrobe and let the munchkins help (so to speak !! ) I couldn’t work out what all the giddiness was about from downstairs but when I went upstairs it all became clear!!!  My son was dressed in his daddy’s golf T-shirt with his daddy’s cap on and was jumping round the bed pretending to play golf, his sister had one of daddy’s scarves wrapped around her like a toga, one of daddy’s belts on to hold it in place and was practising her karate moves. Hilarious! They loved it. Great work ‘slow daddy’, a tidy wardrobe and two very happy little tots!!!


Target practice

I set my two up with a bit of target practice today when they needed something to focus on and it went down a treat. What  a great indoor ‘slowie’ on a cold day it has to be said ! One target, several soft balls and then various angles, heights and distances to practise from  . I used one of our flexi tubs as the target but anything would do , the washing basket, a pan, bucket. The kids loved the challenge of it and celebrated a goal by taking a step further back or to the side. A ‘slow mo’ turned into a ‘happy half hour’. Happy days !

Make the most of what the weather throws at you

No entertainment required here today, it was snowing ! Faces at the window, boots readied at the door. The  excitement was just too much for my 3-year old who was jumping up and down and screaming about the little flakes swirling around outside the conservatory window. Made me realise that we must make the most of all weathers thrown at us. They need to be experienced not viewed from the comfort of our armchairs! So in true British fashion we wrapped up warm and headed out in it. How fun and if you’re ever looking for a slow mummy trick in the snow there’s always the good old ‘ snow angel’ but my absolute favourite and ‘slow mo’ of all time is getting the kids to stick our their tongues and catch a few watery flakes on their tongues. Wonderful x

From boredom comes genius !

We didn’t do a thing today (well I did but you know what I mean !) No plans, no play dates , just a day at the house to chill out and rest. My son was a little fidgety to start with but once he realised we weren’t going anywhere he soon settled down to amusing himself and playing in various rooms and surprisingly with relatively few toys. It made me realise that children really don’t need a whole conservatory full of toys to pass their time. In fact from very little comes A LOT!!  Wild invention in fact. My son had a couple of real strokes of genius today, at one point playing a type of golf with a play sword and one of his sister’s fake jewels ( very inventive! ) and then later playing with a roll from the middle of some wrapping paper and pretending it was a door and opening and closing it as mummy passed through. This to the backdrop of uncontrollable  giggling and amusement. What fun. I loved today. From boredom comes the best of times.

Bake cookies

Cookies are so easy to make and ultra delicious too! We’re on our second batch this week already!!!!! Eek – the waist line !!! My ‘slow mum’ tip would be to make sure you don’t bake them too long, they need to be quite soft when they are taken out of the oven so that when they cool down they are lovely and moist.

Here’s a lovely recipe for some terrific white chocolate button ones ……enjoy :-)))))

100g butter

100g caster sugar

100g brown sugar

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla essence

175g plain flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp

175g white choc buttons

75g pecans or walnuts , chopped (optional)

Beat the butter with the sugars. Beat the egg with the vanilla essence and add to the butter mixture. Then in another bowl mix together the flour, baking powder and salt. Add this to the other mixture and blend well. Then break the chocolate buttons into smaller pieces and add these. Roll the dough into walnut-sized balls and place on non-stick baking paper. Bake on 190 degrees C for 12 minutes. Take carefully off the baking paper and let them cool. Xxxxxxx

Have a go at hair braiding

I don’t know who had more fun, the ‘hair braider’ or the ‘hair braidee’ !!!!!!!! What I can say though is that this is a great slowie for all those girlie girls out there. My daughter’s been obsessed about these since having one done at Center Parcs last Summer and with the promise of doing some for her little friends at her birthday party, mummy’s feeling the pressure to get some practice in and to get them right. So armed with some braiding cord, a handful of beads and a mirror for my daughter to inspect with, we spent a special ‘slow mo’ together, plaiting and twisting and getting it right. Hair styling is a great fun to do together and a wonderful bonding experience too. Have fun ! X

Head off in search of Spring

Kate Humble would be proud of us today heading out on our very own ‘Spring watch’. We were in search of that ever so delightful Spring show-stopper, the snowdrop, and we weren’t to be disappointed. It took us a while but after a good old trek around our local National Trust woods we found the smallest and very dearest little patch of snowdrops pushing through. The kids had to be restrained to avoid standing on the wee things but after a little guidance they stood for a while and admired these little magical beings. ‘They’re like little drops of snow mummy’, ‘ they’ve got very droopy heads mummy’, ‘aren’t they sweet mummy’. I wholeheartedly agree!! What a perfect excuse to get out of the house!!! A snowdrop hunt. What joy!