Challenge your parenting

In the past I’ve often taken the easy option when it comes to parenting, going along to soft plays, organising mass play dates and basically surrounding myself with people to make it an easier process. But now I’m on my ‘slower parenting’  journey I’m finding my confidence is growing. I’m not only going it alone more but I’m also challenging myself too. Take today, two children at home and a day stretching ahead of us. I’d planned a trip to the next village but hadn’t given a thought to our mode of transport. When my daughter asked if she could ride her bike, my first reaction was to say ‘no’ ( she’s still a bit wobbly on it especially on footpaths) but I thought to myself ‘why not say yes, she’s got to learn at some point and WHY NOT today’. Then of course my son asked if he could cycle too ( as in balance bike cycle – he’s only three). Arghhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! The thought of one wobbly one on a bike with pedals and one wobbly one on a balance bike without, filled me with dread. At this point I would have usually said ‘absolutely no’, but I didn’t. I thought to myself ‘I can do this’. ‘They can both go on their bikes and me too!’  I know this might sound all very trivial but this was a big thing for me today . It’s quite a journey to the next village even on foot, twists and turns, narrow pavements, fast traffic, parked cars and I’d never tried this combo before, but you know what, WE DID IT !!!! We were so proud of ourselves and the kids did amazingly. They listened really well and really rose to the occasion. I was so proud of them and a little bit proud of myself too. We must have ridden well over 3 miles in the end. Amazing. Who knows what we’ll try next , perhaps a spot of bungee !!!!!!!!! On second thoughts!!!!!!!


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