Do something with sticky back plastic

I must use today’s blogging spot to bestow the virtues of sticky back plastic upon the wider world . I had completely forgotten about the stuff to be honest until today when my neighbour came round with a fabulously fun craft for the kiddiwinks to have a a go at. What he’d done was stick 4 or 5 strips of this magical tape onto a piece of card and then bagged up his redundant Christmas lights so that the children could use them to create a wonderful, colouful collage. What a great idea and what a super ‘slowie’.  Children love sticking be it pasta, paper, beads, buttons and a roll of sticky back plastic just makes it so easy! I’m off to buy some but I’ll just have to keep the wry smile off my face when I ask for it as I still can’t say the words without thinking I’m a Blue Peter presenter!!. It takes me right back. Everything on this programme was made out it or from it. Happy memories, happy days. Now where can I buy it??!!!!!! x


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