Bring bath time forward

I don’t know about you but I love the end of the day, when the kids are all clean and fresh and snuggled up in their PJ’s. Scrumptious! But we always seem to be rushing this wonderful part of the day. In the bath, out, jarmas on , bed  and that’s just rubbish. We want a ‘slower bedtime’ with time to enjoy the bath, lounge a while, play with the boats, wash hair, brush teeth and then lounge a while longer. We don’t want to rush the school books either and go straight for lights out after. We want to do our school things and still have time for a few more books at leisure. So with this in mind, we are now endeavouring to bring bath time forward a little each night so we can fit in all the best bits and a bit more. My favourite being my daughter reading to my son as she sits in bed with him and then kisses him night night. Gorgeous!   Slow is working for us, could it for you ?


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