A spot of origami

It can be a little parent heavy this one but it’s definitely worth a ‘slow mo’ every once in a while . First up is to really practise a bit of precise folding, folding one corner of a square over to make a triangle and getting a nice neat crease. Once this has been mastered you can move on to some simple designs. We’ve tried animal faces, little hats, and little boats but you don’t have to stop there, there are all sorts of projects you can have a go at from trinket boxes to spinning tops, flowers and animals galore like whales and pigs and fish and birds. There’s lots of fun to be had and even if you end up doing the majority of the folding yourself, the little origami objects make great toys to play with. They’ll have hours of ‘slow fun’!  Our most recent ‘project’ was a great success, an origami windmill. We finished off by heading outside to see if the wind would catch the little sails and it did. Very satisfying. Folding is definitely fun !!!!


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