Make your own beads

Here’s a sweet craft we stumbled upon the other day and it’s so simple. It really caught my daughter’s imagination, too, she forgot to speak for over an hour as she was so engrossed !!! Basically you cut out and roll thin triangles of coloured paper round a knitting needle to make little paper beads. You can use all sorts of paper, catalogues, posters, wallpaper, coloured paper or wrapping paper. The triangles need to be about 3cm wide and 30 cm in length. You then place the knitting needle at the widest end of the triangle, cover the triangle in glue and then roll the paper round the needle. Et voila, cute little paper beads. You can roll them in glitter glue to give them a fabulous sparkly effect or cover them in varnish to make them shiny and strong. Use a mixture of colours and you’ll be able to make some lovely , one-of-a-kind jewellery. Seems boys and girls love pretty necklaces and bracelets in this house. Happy threading xxxxxxx


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