No need to shout

I don’t want to be a ‘shouty’ mummy but some days it’s just so hard to keep it in. When you’ve asked them to get their coats on at the front door for the umpteenth time or when they’re squabbling on the way to school about who’s going to scoot infront, it just makes you want to boil sometimes but I’ve got a new strategy up my sleeve and it seems to be working. Recently I’ve found a whisper to be much more effective than a shout. It came as a bit of a revelation to be honest and only came about as I was trying to stay calm whilst trying to get out of the door AGAIN !!! It must have struck a chord because as soon as I began to whisper, they began to listen. It’s a great technique and is definitely in tune with my slow mum ideas. Perhaps it’s because they have to stop their bickering and strain their ears a bit to hear what I’m saying , but the effect is truly amazing. There really is no need to shout! Let’s hope this new ‘slow mum’ move is here to stay!

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