Walk the line

No, not like the Johnny Cash film (country music doesn’t do it for me either!) , I’m talking about a park ‘classic’ . Have you ever played this? You quite literally ‘walk the lines’ round your park, round the football pitch, along the cricket boundary, across the tennis court etc etc. It’s a winner every time in my house. My kids love a good line and there’s plenty to go at in the park. It’s quite surprising actually how far my two will go, a football pitch is quite some length when you come to think of it and they don’t look back !!! It’s great to play this with a little group of buds too, they’ll stick to the path like glue and have great fun when they get to a junction !!! Don’t try this though when the groundsman’s just painted as you might be in for some mucky trainers!!! Have fun snaking round your park !!


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