Let them play in their rooms

They’ve got the most wonderful, comfortable, stimulating and exciting of spaces to amuse themselves in and you know what, they hardly ever get to spend any time in them . Yes, THEIR BEDROOMS!!!! A highly underused resource in my opinion and somewhere I’m encouraging my children to hang out in more and more  . I used to spend hours in mine hanging with friends or on my own. It was just what you did. Your toys were in there, music, books, bed to lounge on, clothes to try on and off. I loved having some ‘me time’ (something that I might now term ‘ slow time’ ) but it seems young people just don’t have any opportunity to just hang out in their rooms anymore. Young lives are so busy and booked up these days that these spaces are really only used for sleeping in and that’s a real shame. Children need space and their own domain and their own time,  unscheduled , unplanned and uninterrupted!! So the next time you get a little person poking their head round the kitchen door asking you what they can do, why not suggest a bit of time playing in their bedroom. They might be surprised how fun it is !!!!!!!!

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