From boredom comes genius !

We didn’t do a thing today (well I did but you know what I mean !) No plans, no play dates , just a day at the house to chill out and rest. My son was a little fidgety to start with but once he realised we weren’t going anywhere he soon settled down to amusing himself and playing in various rooms and surprisingly with relatively few toys. It made me realise that children really don’t need a whole conservatory full of toys to pass their time. In fact from very little comes A LOT!!  Wild invention in fact. My son had a couple of real strokes of genius today, at one point playing a type of golf with a play sword and one of his sister’s fake jewels ( very inventive! ) and then later playing with a roll from the middle of some wrapping paper and pretending it was a door and opening and closing it as mummy passed through. This to the backdrop of uncontrollable  giggling and amusement. What fun. I loved today. From boredom comes the best of times.


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