Let them loose in your sewing basket

Not advised with your 2 year old but once you’ve got a sensible 5 year old on your hands, let them loose ! My sewing box ( not basket just yet, need a few more years on me!!!)  is highly coveted in this house and an invitation to have a look inside and even have a go with a needle and thread is beyond exciting ! Today my daughter decided she wanted to have a go at making some bunting and asked if she could use a real needle and thread. I surprised myself by saying yes and I’m glad I did. What fun she had selecting her ribbon and cutting her triangle shapes and then getting to try out a needle. After a bit of guidance she was happily doing some running stitch. I was so proud. Who knows what we might try next , perhaps some back stitch or maybe go crazy and try some cross ones -the world is our oyster !


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