Top up the bird feeders

I literally passed them the nuts and seeds out for this one, the rest was down to them!  Out they raced, over to the shepherd’s crook and within seconds they were up on their tippy toes unhooking the feeders. It was lovely to see. There was definitely some team work going on and rather a large amount of ‘spillaging’ but who cares, the kids were in the zone and were happily chatting away and working together. I wish I’d taken a photograph to be honest, two little loves sat there cross legged on the patio filling their feeders and coming up with interesting solutions to collect the spills and channel the seeds! The playhouse dustpan and brush was particularly useful as well as the fish slice ( not quite sure how !!!). They were very proud of themselves once all done.  I was too. A great slowie and the birds are made up too !

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