Take your make believe dog for a walk!

This was all slow daddy’s doing not mine. A recent walk which turned into a magical afternoon of make believe. Basically ‘slow daddy’ wants a dog and of course because daddy wants a dog, the children now want a dog too !!! Arghhhhhhh ! I’m a little more sceptical about the whole thing basically because I know that if we do get a dog, it’s ‘muggins’ here who’ll be looking after it !!!!! So it seems, the next best thing (for the moment whilst slow daddy tries to wear slow mummy down!) is for ‘slow daddy’ to take his kids out with his imaginary dog! It mind sound nuts but the children LOVE it ! Throwing the ball for ‘Jess’ ( yes our imaginary dog even has a name!) , whistling, getting her to sit, giving her a treat, putting her on the lead and then Jess pulling away with daddy in tow. The kids go crazy for this, collapsing in a fit of giggles as daddy zigzags behind his imaginary pet to keep up. Who knew slow daddy had such great acting skills! All wonderful slow fun and once again not a pooper scooper in sight. Result ! Will keep you informed if the situation changes !!!!!


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