Sporty number practice

We watched Scotland versus Wales this afternoon (rugby !) mainly because slow daddy, slow Grampa and slow uncles were there and the kids were über excited at the prospect of seeing their daddies on screen. The novelty however did wear off so in order for the mummies and Granny to carry on watching the match we invented a fab slowie. Rugby shirt number practice!!!! Basically the kids called out the numbers they recognised from the shirts. I was very impressed with my 2 year old niece who managed a couple of curly twos and my 3 year old who recognised some eights. My 5 year old however was already a step ahead and had begun her very own game of bingo rugby men, writing down the numbers and ticking them off as the players ran past. Brilliant. Very educational and fun for us grown ups too. There are so many numbers around us in our daily life, just walking down the street and looking at house numbers is wonderful ‘slow’ fun. We’ll be playing this one again to be sure !Come on England !!!! ( I mean Scotland – sorry darling !!!)


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