Paper case flower craft

Another day and another sweet craft to add to the slow mum collection. I’d actually made these up for a Church group several years ago and had completely forgotten that I had all the templates at the back of the cupboard. It’s lovely and so very simple.  Basically you cut a flower shape out of coloured paper and then select a pretty paper case that you would usually use for baking and stick this into the centre of the flower. It makes a wonderful 3D flower which the kids can then add a stem and leaves to and various ‘beasties’ if they so desire. All you need are some baking cases, coloured card or paper, scissors and some glue and off you go. Alas I haven’t taken a picture of our efforts today but will endeavour to add one tomorrow to show you exactly what we’ve been up to. It’s perfect as a Spring or Easter craft so keep it up your sleeve if you ever need xxxx Have fun x Picture now attached xxxx

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