Build in some quiet time

You can’t go ‘hell for leather’ all the time. We need to build some quiet time into our days for our own sanity too!!! The best place for this I always find is in their rooms but mummy’s bed works well too for chill-axing and sprawling! See if you can’t build in a half hour or so of this a day. It makes for happier slow mummies and daddies I swear on it, and calmer (slightly calmer!!) and more contented children here too. It’s amazing how little children can do if you let them. I love seeing mine just lolling about, thumb in, reading a book or snuggling a pillow . The purpose of quiet time really is that, don’t set them up with anything or suggest things to do, just let them be free. There’s hardly any time for free time these days so embrace this while you can xxxx Enjoy xxxx


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