Play tiddlywinks

I’ve been boring my friends silly for months with all my ramblings on about slow mumming and slow living yet it seems my rambling is not falling on deaf ears. There are slow mums popping up left, right and centre here in South Cambs !  It’s actually got to a point now where my pals will regularly tell me about their slow mum antics, saying things like ‘I was thinking about you this morning  as we were doing wheelbarrow races round the house’ or will text (like today) to say ‘I’m slow mumming , playing tiddlywinks at the mo’. I’m honoured that my mummy friends are  getting into my slow mum ways and today I was hugely inspired too. Thanks mate, tiddlywinks has officially made it into my ‘Games’ section . We had to improvise a bit as we don’t have a set round here but it seems my two are quite happy having a go at flipping play money into a pot. I know what I’m putting on slow mum’s Christmas list next year! You guessed it !!!! Happy flipping !


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