Use glitter just keep it in the kitchen !

There’s glitter in my bed ! Arghhhh! How foolish of slow mummy to allow the glitter out of the kitchen unchecked!! Boy can it travel. One minute the lounge, the next my bed, all care of little brother’s little sock who walked in it all and then went for a good old trampoline ‘sesh’ on my bed. Feels like sandpaper in there now. Thanks kids! I am not amused but hey the ‘glittering’ went down a treat. As ‘slowies’ go, glitter is right up there. Paper CHECK, glue CHECK, glitter CHECK and shake CHECK ! Easy ! Just take my advice, keep it in the kitchen and if you can, on a tray! That’s all. Yours ‘sleeping in an exfoliating bed of delights tonight’ , SM xxxxxx


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