What’s the time Mr Wolf?

One of the mums at drop off was playing this classic game with her little girl this morning and I couldn’t help but smile. Definitely ‘slow mum material’ I thought to myself so I made a mental note to write about it this evening. It’s a wonderful little game, amazingly exciting to play, so simple to set up and a delight to teach. It’s nothing short of genius!! If you haven’t got a clue what I’m going on about, here’s the lowdown. ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’, ‘Grandma’s footsteps’, ‘123 Piano’ and ‘What time is it Mr Fox’, is a form of tag. One player is chosen to be Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf stands at one end of the playground or hall and everyone else at the other end. Mr Wolf turns his back on the crowd who then shout in unison “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?”, and Mr Wolf will answer with a clock time  (e.g., “3 o’clock”). The other players will then take that many steps forward, counting as they go (“One, two, three”). Then they ask the question again. Finally Mr Wolf will shout out “Dinner Time!” and Mr Wolf will turn and chase the other players back to their starting point. If Mr Wolf successfully tags a player, that player becomes the new Mr Wolf for the next round. Awesome. Get ready for the screams (of delight!!!!).


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