Play piggy in the middle

This quite literally leads to ‘squeals of delight’ ( did you see what I did there ?!?!?!?!? Slow mum does have strokes of genius you must admit!). Back to the game, it’s priceless. You can have one piggy, two piggies, small piggies, big piggies, daddy piggies, mummy piggies, girl piggies, boy piggies, team piggies. You can kick, roll, throw, rugby ‘style’ and free ‘stylee’ ! Football, basket, tennis or sponge. The choice is yours. Have fun xxxxxxxx


Easter nest cakes

Easter nest cakes are a classic at this time of the year and are just brilliant for making with children. Apart from melting the chocolate, they can make them pretty much by themselves. Here you go ……………

8 shredded wheats (full size)

4 digestive biscuits

2 handfuls mini marshmallows

2 handfuls sultanas

200g chocolate

Jelly beans to decorate

Break up the shredded wheat into a large mixing bowl (using fingers !!)

Break up the digestives into little pieces then stir into the shredded wheat, along with the marshmallows and sultanas.

Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt

Pour the melted chocolate into the bowl of shredded wheat and then mix until everything is evenly coated.

Share the mixture between approx 16 paper cases and press down in the centre to create the nest effect.

Nestle three jelly beans or mini eggs in the centre of each nest and then pop in the fridge to harden for an hour.


Write thank you letters

Writing thank you letters is a wonderful ‘slow’ activity and something parents need to encourage. Kids need to learn how important it is to say thank you and how lucky they are to receive so many gifts and treats on so many occasions throughout the year. I find sitting down and talking about the presents people have bought and looking through them really helps my children understand about who’s given what and who they need to thank.  The kids will love looking through everything and will really love getting to design and write their cards.( Licking the envelopes always featuring highly in the excitement stakes! )We managed to tick off a ‘job lot’ this avo and what was really nice was that my daughter truly grasped how lucky she was to have been given so many nice things AND she knew who had given her what. More to do in the morning !!! We really are so lucky.  Night night x

Visit daddy at work

This was a great ‘slowie’ on so many levels. First we got to park in an enormous multi storey car park (a truly fascinating place for a 3 year old although slow mummy didn’t really stop for a ‘long hard look’ today given her dislike of heights and the fact that we had to park on the 6th floor!) Then we got to go down at least ten flights of stairs, then we had the delights of the revolving door at the entrance to the hospital, then we went in the lift and then we visited the hospital toilets with the fascinatingly noisy hand dryers ( don’t ask!!!!!)  By the time we found daddy we’d almost ‘maxed out’ on excitement. We even got to meet some of daddy’s friends today too. We couldn’t have asked for more from our visit. Slow fun visiting slow daddy  :-)))))))))

Another ‘LHL’!

Over the course of my blog I’ve been encouraging people to stop a while with their kids and take a long hard look (LHL) at what’s around them. This week we had another great opportunity to do this when we were treated to front row seats right outside of school as tree surgeons were busy doing what they do best!!! It was so interesting to see, the guys with all their gear on and the sound effects were the best you could wish for!!! Chainsaw fascination has begun !!!!! Arghhhh. Seriously though the kids were glued and questions continued well after dinner that evening. Taking a LHL is definitely one of our favourite slowies !! Taps into my inner nosey parker that’s to be sure !!!!!!! Have fun and remember to stop a while, it’ll make you smile !!!!!

Invent a new game

We love games, dominoes, top trumps, snap, catch, conkers, hide and seek, Simon says, tiddly winks and skipping to name but a few, but every once in a while we like to invent a new game, our own game that comes about completely by accident . Today was one of those days. There were a couple of loose marbles in the conservatory and my son and I started rolling them to each other. This then turned into trying to catch the marbles in a little cup on its side which then turned into trapping the marbles under the cups as we fired them at each other at top speed. It was  great fun and quite a lot of skill was required too! A winner. I’m off to call the patent office. You’ve heard of marble drop well I think we’ll be calling this one marble stop!!!!!

Get the kids wrapping!

For very special friends I’ll let my daughter choose their presents . There’s a budget and a little bit of guiding but for the most part I’ll let my daughter choose. She loves to be involved. She goes to the till, pays, packs her items, carries them to the car and on returning home she’ll wrap the present and write the card all by herself. It is so tempting to want to do it for them, to ‘helicopter in’, to neaten edges, to re-wrap or even write the card ourselves but we mustn’t. This is ‘part and parcel’ (pardon the pun!!) of life. Just as we enjoy choosing and giving gifts, so do our children. We need to let go of the reigns and leave them to it and while they’re busy wrapping they’ll not be a sniff of a screen in sight ! Slow fun , oh yes ! x