Let them climb trees

I have a funny feeling I may have blogged about this already but it’s such a childhood ‘staple’ this one that it deserves mentioning again and again and again in my book. It’s in the ’50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4′ , (the National Trust’s very own list of ‘slowies’ ) so it must be good !!!(such copycats that National Trust lot HONESTLY !!) Anyway if you’ve never done it YOU MUST!!! My two had a mammoth tree climbing session today. A good 30 minutes deep inside a laurel tree, ( well more like a bush really but ‘bush climbing’ doesn’t have the same ring to it !!! ) Anyway the laurel had so many wonderful low branches to climb up and hang off the kids just had a riot.  It was one of the best climbing frames I’ve ever seen, nature’s finest ! Needless to say I have two very tired toggles here this evening but happy ones at that !!! Happy climbing !


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