Take them to the dump

Slow daddy sure knows how to show us a good time !!!! A trip to the dump you might think smacks of the mundane but think again my slow mummy friends, the dump is ‘where it’s at’!!  Loads of interesting people to peer at, glass bottles smashing left, right and centre, seagulls flapping around and a smell liked you’ve never smelled before. Why wouldn’t a 4 year old want to visit ! It’s a fascinating place.  Even the journey there is exciting, the car stuffed to the gunnels and you squeezed into the back somewhere between the old carpet, hedge cuttings and a broken TV. It’s just too exciting. If you’re lucky you might get to climb up and peer into one of the enormous skips. If you’re really lucky you might get to pour something in and if you’re really, really, really lucky you might just get to see a lorry hooking up a full skip and hoisting it away. Whoa !!! Cool !! Try a trip , your ‘littlelies’ won’t be disappointed !

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