Get down the building site

It’s one thing getting to play with toy diggers and dumper trucks but it’s another getting to see the ‘real deal’ in action. And if you’ve got a 3 year old boy like I do, then you definitely need to get yourself down to your local building site. There’s just so much to ogle at. My 3 year old is more than keen to just hang out by the railings next to the school where there’s a new development going in and seeing the real McCoy going at it. Today the digger was making a long trench from the drive down to the new houses and that was enough to keep my boy completely agog for 20 minutes!!! Blown away he was by the monster trucks doing their business. So if you’re looking for another LHL ( long hard look, an expression that came about several blogs ago! ) , the building site is where it’s at! Have fun !


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