Let them make their own birthday invitations

I can’t believe my little girl is going to be 6 next week. She’s turning into a proper little grown up these days but it’s not all bad !!!! The older she gets the more able she is to get involved in making her own decisions and organising her self a little bit more. And with this comes ‘slow’ opportunities a plenty. Take her party for example, my daughter is very keen to help organise her birthday party this year, so I set her the task of composing and designing her birthday invitations and she loved it. She sat at her daddy’s desk for ages, beautifully composing and writing and decorating her invites. Bless her.  She’s moving onto her party bags next. Although I do draw the line at her making her own birthday cake, (that is definitely slow mum territory that one) although come to think of it, baking IS a great slowie……….!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Let them make their own birthday invitations

  1. My daughter made her list of girls she wants to invite to her birthday party two weeks after her last birthday party… she has also made a list of what kind of entertainment she is thinking of and the food she would like to have… There might be a future in Event Planning… 😉


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