Share the reading, share the fun !

I know this might sound ridiculously obvious but it’s wonderful to read a book (or three!!!!) with our little ones and taking it in turns to read different lines has become a sure-fire favourite in this house. We’re loving the ‘you read one page’ ‘I read one page’ way of sharing at the moment but we’re also partial to a bit of sentence by sentence fun too. It’s much nicer than just sitting there and correcting their spelling and the best bit is getting to the end of a book and them almost immediately wanting to start again from the beginning, just so they can try out the opposite part! It’s added a whole new dimension to our reading, Biff and Chip books have never been so exciting! We’re also loving little plays too. My daughter loves divvying out the parts to everyone and sometimes even starts acting out the parts as we speak. We had to to call upon Nana and Grandpa to come in with us the other day when there were so many parts. It was a real family affair!!!!! Happy reading everyonexxxxx


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