Empty a room out

This might sound a bit of an odd one but it had my two completely wrapped up this evening. It’s my daughter’s 6th birthday tomorrow ( I can’t believe it!!) and she’s having five of her little friends round for a craft party after school, so in readiness for the big event we emptied the conservatory out (the toy room) and we had such a lot of fun doing it. My two were practically falling all over each other to help out, running from room to room as they transferred boxes of cars, lego, barbies and trains. It was like they were rediscovering all their toys again for the first time and the joy of actually being allowed to DIT ‘do it themselves’ was plain to see. The best bit of course was getting to run around in the completely empty room at the end. What fabulous ‘slow’ fun they had. Can’t wait for the party now!!! Happy days!


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