Make a game out of clearing the table

Enter ‘slow grampa’ (stage right!!!) making his debut today with this cunning little plan to get the dishes cleared from the dining room and back into the kitchen!!! Yes you guessed it, by enlisting the help of two highly exciteable, extremely helpful small people who were more than happy to take items through to the kitchen in exchange for a bit of praise and the opportunity to race back to the dining room at top speed !!! First a plate, then a fork, then a cup,( could it be more exciting !!!) but because Grampa was cheering them on and showering them with gratitude the job was done in no time at all. The game of course wasn’t really anything to do with getting to carry the dish through, it was all about the race back and getting the edge on one’s brother or sister !!! !! I should really rename this ‘competitive slow table clearing ‘ !!! Nice one Grampa. Fast and slow fun!!!!


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