Get the kids wrapping!

For very special friends I’ll let my daughter choose their presents . There’s a budget and a little bit of guiding but for the most part I’ll let my daughter choose. She loves to be involved. She goes to the till, pays, packs her items, carries them to the car and on returning home she’ll wrap the present and write the card all by herself. It is so tempting to want to do it for them, to ‘helicopter in’, to neaten edges, to re-wrap or even write the card ourselves but we mustn’t. This is ‘part and parcel’ (pardon the pun!!) of life. Just as we enjoy choosing and giving gifts, so do our children. We need to let go of the reigns and leave them to it and while they’re busy wrapping they’ll not be a sniff of a screen in sight ! Slow fun , oh yes ! x

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