Visit daddy at work

This was a great ‘slowie’ on so many levels. First we got to park in an enormous multi storey car park (a truly fascinating place for a 3 year old although slow mummy didn’t really stop for a ‘long hard look’ today given her dislike of heights and the fact that we had to park on the 6th floor!) Then we got to go down at least ten flights of stairs, then we had the delights of the revolving door at the entrance to the hospital, then we went in the lift and then we visited the hospital toilets with the fascinatingly noisy hand dryers ( don’t ask!!!!!)  By the time we found daddy we’d almost ‘maxed out’ on excitement. We even got to meet some of daddy’s friends today too. We couldn’t have asked for more from our visit. Slow fun visiting slow daddy  :-)))))))))


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