Hold a fashion show

Tunes on, outfits at the ready, this is a fab ‘slowie’ especially on a rainy day ! Create your runway (our lounge into the conservatory !!) and away you go. If you’re feeling particularly adventureous, you could even design a T-shirt to showcase at the big event. Fabric pens work a treat, just grab a plain white T- shirt and off you go !!! Then all you need is a camera and it’s curtains up, 3-2-1 and STRIKE THAT POSE !!!!!!!


Turn the tele off at the wall

Now I am not anti-tele, it has its place and its uses but my two have just become so blooming savvy with our electronic kit that extreme measures have been brought into play to keep the slow parenting values afloat. Funny really as my two can manipulate all sorts of electronic devices but as soon as I take the plug out, they’re completely flummoxed !!  ( or don’t notice as the case may be !!!) And it works a treat ! With no TV to tune out to, they soon get themselves involved in something else, a puzzle, a drawing, mischief !!! So if all else fails my slow friends, hit the plug !!! I sure do !!!

Make a bug garden

You may be wondering what on earth you are looking at but this little labour of love is the latest bug home to add to our collection, home to two ladybirds, a worm and a snail. Although when I say ‘is’, I probably mean ‘was’ given that the inhabitants have probably wandered off, or slithered off by now given their easy escape route but they were in there to start with and they certainly seemed to be having a good time!!! The kids were so careful and thoughtful with their design. Bless em ! Kept them busy for hours !!! There was somewhere for their mini beasts to sleep, a log (twig !!) to play on, a little drinking cup, grass to eat. So cute. The only problem turned out to be our choice of ladybirds. Turns out we’d got ourselves a boy ladybird and a girl ladybird. The rest I’ll leave up to you to imagine   !!!  ‘Mummy’ LOOK ‘the ladybirds are giving each other piggybacks’!!!  Eek !!!!! Explain yourself out of that one slow mummy !!!!!!

Take them for a bag of chips

After a busy day, it was slow mummy’s idea to send slow daddy and the kids to the fish and chip shop to experience ‘all things takeaway’. Their first time in fact although not slow daddy’s! And how they loved their little trip !! The sights, sounds and of course smells of the fish and chip shop being more than enough to blow their little minds. Needless to say on their return I had a blow by blow account of their great experience! My eldest got to ask for the chips whilst my youngest had a go with the salt and vinegar shakers. Woah – major excitement !!! The bests bits seemingly carrying the warm parcel home and of course getting to eat them with those funny little chip forks. Happy days although when a large portion of chips became £2, I do not know !!! Time marches on, as do chip prices it seems  !!!!

Make a memory game

When the sky clouds over, this is a wonderful indoor ‘slowie’ to have up your sleeve AND this one improves your children’s memory and their drawing and writing skills. Result ! All you need is several of pieces of card cut into equal squares, pens and pencils and some scissors. The children then choose a topic be it nature, family, friends, animals, places etc and draw their memory cards accordingly. As long as there’s two of everything, the game will begin to take shape . Let them make as many cards as they desire, get them to play them face down and then let them loose on finding the matching pairs.. Wonderful slow fun by your child’s fair hand! Enjoy x

Design a dessert

This was fun. I supplied the kids with a selection of yummy ingredients and then gave them ‘carte blanche’ to come up with their own dessert. British Bake off eat your heart out, my daughter came up with the idea of creating a dessert ‘tower’ made up of multiple layers of thinly sliced cake and strawberries. She put some ice cream on the side and delicately sprinkled some chocolate drops on top. It looked amazing. I was very impressed. My son was happy to serve himself with a giant dollop of ice cream and squeeze a pint of chocolate sauce on top so all in all, everyone was happy !!!!! A lovely culinary ‘slowie’. We were quite content !!

Teach them cat’s cradle

It was my daughter who actually asked if she could do this this afternoon.  I think she must have seen some of the older girls at school doing it, as she was ‘chomping at the bit’ to have a go with mummy.  What followed was another fabulous walk down memory lane. I can remember my mum so very clearly showing me how to do it and letting me put my hands inside hers as we learned the steps, up and over, around and through. E’s got the first few moves worked out but the tramline one is still causing her a few headaches but it’s nothing a bit of practice won’t sort out. Cat’s cradle’s a must= slow fun for sure. Enjoy  x