Another LHL !

Yet another ‘long hard look’ and this time it was a herd of cows with calves (with bull!!!) that we unwittingly got up close and personal with this afternoon. There was no way past on our cycle route other than through (cows roam free en route from Granchester to Newnham here in Cambs) so we decided we’d stop a while whilst trundling by!!! The children loved being so close and could almost touch the gorgeous animals with their chocolate coloured fur. At one point a delightful little calf came to have a good look at its pint sized equivalents which was fun. We also coupled our ‘long hard look’ with a ‘long hard listen’ and tuned into the incredible munching noise coming from the cows mouths as they chewed through the fresh green grass. It was quite a sound to behold. I’m so glad we stopped a while !! Subsequent questions were a little more challenging, discussion centring mainly around cow’s teeth, whether cow’s fur is soft, how you know whether a cow is a bull or not (!!!!!) and what a cow does with its tail when it has a poo !!! The joy!! That’s the only problem with these ‘long hard looks’, it’s the questions afterwards !!!!!

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